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Easy Video Joiner is a video editing tool for Windows
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Easy Video Joiner is a video editing tool for Windows. It is supposed to be able to join two or more video files into a single video file. It supports a few formats: AVI, MPEG-4, RM, WMV and ASF. It has a very simple user interface but with no support for drag-and-drop.

You can add the files that you want to join by clicking on the "Add" button. The first file that you load will define the format of the output file. Sadly, Easy Video Joiner can't join files of different formats. So if your first file is an AVI video, the second one will have to be in the same format. Once you add the files, you can use the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons to arrange the order of your videos. There are no transition effects or, well, anything at all that you can add to your final video.

In my own testing, I was unable to successfully join a video file using this tool. I used two movie samples that were compressed in the .AVI format, with an MPEG-4 codec. My system can play those files quite well. After I followed through with the simple steps required, I got a .AVI file that only included the first clip that I added to the interface. The second clip wasn't anywhere to be found.

It just might be that Easy Video Joiner can't handle MPEG-4 files, which would render it pretty much useless for modern use.

José Fernández
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